You have stumbled upon the portfolio of Reven Niaga, alias Véronique Thill, freelance illustrator and graphic designer who likes drawing, writing, and creating. From Luxembourg, she has been in touch with lot of different cultures since childhood. Since then, she lived some years in Switzerland and now in Germany to gather more experiences.

She would love to hear from you if you need her help in anything. She does a little bit of everything, from private commissions to freelance journalism. To know more, just click on the “about”.

She started learning illustration in Lausanne, Switzerland (Ceruleum), but had to stop due to a sudden illness. More determined and patient than ever, she picked up art once again, this time in Bochum, Germany (IBKK) where she managed to finish with a DTP-Expert and illustration degree, and is now studying at the university of Bonn.

She likes reading, sleeping, and developing her own story “Corridor of Worlds”.

For everyone speaking french, you can take a look at her other website, focused on her stories : Le Couloir des mondes. She as a blog on that one too where she talks about her projects, things she likes or dislikes, post some wips, and so on.

Else, you can visit her tumblr or her instagram

Have a nice day and thank you for your visit.